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MedZit Digital Therapeutics - DTX

MedZit delivers evidence-based health interventions that leverage our systems and applications to identify, prevent and manage specific disorders or diseases.

MedZit DTX is here!

MedZit DTX is a comprehensive patient data and clinical workflow consolidation digital framework to help improve patient health outcomes by targeting specific diseases.

It does this while at the same time making a proprietary triage services provisioning essential and convenient for healthcare providers to consolidate in a cloud enabled Clinical Management System (CMS), for patients on their mobile devices and specific provisioning for the payers. MedZit DTX will empower more than 300 Million healthcare consumers with its patient engagement and clinical management systems and applications.


To Providers

MedZit framework are built to manage and improve patient outcomes by easy to use, secure, cloud based access and connectivity platforms to empower medical practices to get deeper and smarter on their patients.

By doing so, MedZit CMS and PES platforms work in sync with the outpatient of any specialty, specialist consultation or physician practices or the clinician’s requirements and caters to patients on a granular level.


MedApp Dynamics are in the forefront of architecting and deploying of a digital therapeutics platform within the “Triage Service”, after nearly more than 18 years of diagnostic experience which has led to the development of MaaMS (Mobile application as a Medical Service) namely, MedZit CMS / PES, MedZit Patient Health Profile (PHP), MedZit Specialist Operations Platform (SOP).

​Key Benefits

To patients who use MedZit DTX solutions within the applications get to receive constant notifications from the clinical groups more personalized treatment pathways to suit their individual needs.

MedZit DTX delivers interpretable data to patients accessing care facilities to their mobile devices to save critical time, cost towards treatments, precise care options, medications and carefully crafted treatment plans for their wellbeing.

Healthcare providers and clinical practices

MedZit DTX helps healthcare providers to address not only their targeted patients, but also extend their scope of speciality services and clinicians to a larger sect of healthcare consumers. MedZit SOP helps the clinicians to understand individual patient needs by securely accessing that particular patient clinical data, that could be vital to address his clinical plan, while catering to a broader care consumer base as the framework allows them to reach patients beyond geographies.

To Payers

MedZit DTX reduces the cost of patient care especially in emerging economies for connecting reimbursement agencies, TPA’s, private insurers, government agencies, state or federal grants.

MedZit DTX allows patients to instantly pay through their local currencies for out of pocket services such as, consultation fees, clinical opinions, second opinions or rehab programs, prescribed medications, via the neo banking services embedded within the platform.

We partnered with the some of the leading universities and medical institutions to read, analyse and interpret Covid-19 Studies for real world evidence. The company aims to work with organizations with exceptional abilities in diagnostics, precision medicine, mental health, chronic disease monitoring agencies.


Our combined market and engineering expertise and experience over the years has shown the way to increase our footprint across several markets.


We provide customized patient engagement systems, mobile based patient profile platforms that connects to the providers such as GP’s, clinics, primary healthcare centres, screening centres and speciality hospitals apart from high end diagnostic centres and pathology labs that enables secure access to patient data for the clinicians and specialists.

  • We provisioned dedicated cloud services “MedApps Health Cloud” for managed services for applications and infrastructure

  • Digital Transformation for a healthcare groups with agile product development

  • Compliance to data security and privacy such as HIPAA, FHIR, HL7 standards

  • Implementation support and maintenance

Bridging the digital therapeutics value chain:

Digital therapeutics is a rapidly evolving sector that involves the use of digital technologies such as software, mobile devices, wearables, and artificial intelligence to treat various medical conditions. In addition to precision medicine companies, there are several other players in the digital therapeutics value chain. Here are some of them:


Pharma Companies: Large pharmaceutical companies are starting to invest in digital therapeutics as a way to expand their product offerings beyond traditional drugs. MedZit DTX helps them to develop and implement their own digital therapeutics framework or partner with MedZit DTX to distribute their products.


Digital Health and Data Approach: In this fast emerging digital therapeutics space, MedZit has the outreach to focus on specific diseases or conditions. The Platform often can and have a more nimble approach which can quickly develop and iterate the targeted products and information to Providers, Patients, Clinicians & Research Groups.


Health Insurance Providers: Health insurers are interested in digital therapeutics because they have the potential to improve health outcomes and reduce costs. They may offer coverage for DTX products or partner with DTX framework such as MedZit to distribute their products.


Hospitals and Health Systems: Hospitals and health systems are also starting to adopt digital therapeutics as a way to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. MedZit platform works at the bleeding edge for both providers and patients to take advantage of MedZit DTx to integrate their products into their care pathways.


Patients: Finally, patients are a critical part of the digital therapeutics value chain. They are the end-users of DTx products and while on MedZit platform, healthcare consumers and patients alike, can provide valuable feedback to help improve these products over time via MedZit framework to ensure effectiveness of a particular product.


Overall, the digital therapeutics value chain is complex and involves multiple players, including precision medicine companies, pharma companies, digital health startups, health insurance providers, hospitals and health systems, government agencies, and patients.

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