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MedZit is here!

MedZit - Digital Health Platform (DHP) enables your organization to deliver effortless, patient centric care through improved operational performance.

MedZit - unifies your organization's existing database structures within the MedApps Health Cloud by creating an independent, user friendly, dynamic PHR that links patients, providers & payers data based on FHIR-HL7 health data model.

The platform is optimized to meet ongoing security and privacy regulations.

The result: Patient satisfaction & retention, more productive clinicians & consultants and improved bottomlines.



The emergence and future of healthcare consumerism will be built on patient acquisitions, service credibility and loyalty. In order to implement a seamless onboarding program, the key to make a “Digital Front Door” an immediate priority.

MedZit’s instant & innovative patient onboarding mechanism is the first step in your plan to not only enhance the overall patient experience at your healthcare organization, but also to operationalize it.

The result: Consumer focused & care centricity.


MedZit Digital Transformation allows you and your organization to cater to more patients across multiple locations than ever. The same quality of care can easily be delivered via MedZit’s Omni Channel services than in person visits.

MedZit is designed for every healthcare organization which can benefit from embracing digital health strategies to bring competitive advantages by reaching patients across boundaries, without restrictions and providing a service and that works best for patients in various situations.


The future is “Digital Transformation & Readiness”. This transformation is estimated to reach care providers at a greater speed than ever before. The overall dollars spend on this effort alone is expected to be greater than 2 Trillion $ by 2025.  Every organizations efforts will be focused on providing on demand services due to more digital savvy patients than ever before.

Easy access to expert medical care will be the new order for patients across all age groups. With MedZit your organization can reach out your patients at multiple touchpoints and build effective care plans that improves your overall patient engagement.


With the ever increasing healthcare consumers expectations, large health care organization are in consensus that a robust provider’s patient data along with clinical workflow and engagement is a foundational investment because it anchors patients expectations and creates greater operational efficiencies.

“MedZit Triage” will be the key to your organization’s comprehensive clinical data management & workflow consolidation for meeting with the growing demands of current and future health care consumers.

MedZit helps you to establish a reliable source of provider data to support multichannel patient access initiatives, enables care transitions, delivers operational efficiencies and maximizes data integrity and utility across your organization.


During the course of everyday living – patients life are also getting busier. On many occasions keeping up medical appointments can become challenging, especially in rural or semi-urban settings.

Adoption of effective care services can help your organizations deliver more accurate, cost effective and proactive treatment pathways. Delivering better care can begin with adoption of Triage based strategies by forging tighter relationship amongst care providers, patients and specialists. MedZit does just that.


MedZit allows you to handle patients virtually. Therefore you can focus greater time with the patients without walking them through your physical setup.

While MedZit Patient Engagement System helps you manage your administrative tasks and assist you with planning patient arrival, scheduling, documentation, allocating specialists appropriately allows you to handle more patients in less time, therefore better overall care provisioning. There will be reduction of on-site resources, while maximizing your existing resources time.

This ultimately leads to overall increase in revenues and profits, while MedZit takes care of optimizing costs to deliver more efficiency.

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