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As a health care provider, connect various specialties, multiple departments and clinical teams within your institution to seamlessly onboard patients, retain them through their care journey and efficiently manage them through the treatment process on MedZit.


All this is secured by activating MedApps Health Cloud, a secure digital framework which will consolidate all your high integrity clinical information and critical patient data that are both accurate and enhance care offerings to your healthcare consumers. Come onboard and embrace total digital transformation to move your organization. to a higher dimension


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Medzit PHP is embedded with  workflow consolidation of all critical data and analytics fire power needed to help improve earlier diagnosis , close gaps in care and accelerate findings & drive research and cure across some of the world’s most complex  difficult diseases. With access to Medzit PHP, Care providers and clinical experts will be able to more clearly identify patient cohorts , better understand that diagnostic odyssey for rare diseases patients and how to simplify this journey, identify demographic disparities and connect  patients to appropriate health care providers and clinical specialists.​


Proudly helping healthcare providers to on-board  patients on to MedZit  platform instantly,  as well as interlink various specialties, multiple departments, outpatient consulting, patient referral admissions for procedures, treatments within your institution seamlessly.

MedApp Dynamics has built this proprietary framework – Clinical Management System (CMS) which is highly customised to fit into any care provider anywhere globally. CMS is being deployed across several healthcare providers in the markets that the company operates.

CMS deployment improves efficiencies to small, medium and large hospitals, speciality clinics, diagnostic institutions, pathology labs and enables them to transform into “Value based care” model. These institutions have a secure and consistent information flow of their healthcare consumers by logging into CMS. 


CMS is a cloud-based comprehensive bi-directional  workflow management platform designed to easily manage patient registration and on boarding, seamlessly capture all critical patient information, optimize based on treatment plan and outcome, and securely route each patient information, summary, and every record or data like pathology reports, diagnostic studies, Images that are generated at the hospital / specialized diagnostic departments, irrespective of any data size to the desired stakeholders. 

All the clinical data that originates from multiple settings are securely consolidated & shared amongst their patient’s smart devices, while adhering to the highest standards set forth by various compliance / regulatory  and data security bodies. CMS provides an intuitive clinical framework for the caregivers and clinical experts to actively monitor their patients well-being for repeat consultations, medical examinations, clinical evaluations and treatment pathways.



Patients engaging the care providers for their treatment requirements, need to make frequent payments such as: out of pocket, diagnostics, evaluations, consultant fees that may be reimbursed or not. Incorporating various services that will help patients to connect with insurance agencies, third party associates, sending reminders on claims or simply accessing home care needs and visits or ordering a test or prescription medications that can be delivered at their doorsteps.

MedZit will incorporate “MedPay” as a default payment wallet service to assist patients to choose multiple options and accessibility with inbuilt micro credit services for their medical treatments. The rollout of this service will be selective. MedZit has automated complete payment workflows in each of the markets it operates by integrating with all the leading financial institutions such as banks, fin-tech partners as well as third party services.


These features provide flexi options to patients and allow them greater agility in managing their treatments. In light of the complexity of healthcare, transparency and ease of paying to care providers builds confidence and trust among patients.


Health care professionals understand that patient data is power. This will help make a quick diagnosis and derive the treatment pathways which will help patients to make heathier choices. This means giving clinicians access to answers they need, at their fingertips. MedZit platform have found way to make the operational support of clinicians more intuitive and seamless. This enables clinicians to focus more on patients, not be immersed in paperwork.

MedZit implementation proves that the use of its platform can actually enable humans to be more human with, secure, compliance and streamlined processes, MedZit make clinicians have more time to focus on patients. With access to information anytime, anywhere patient and clinicians can have more meaningful interaction. MedZit drives workflows work well, enabling healthcare to evolve to meet the need of our digital society.



View Radiology Reports and Diagnostic Images with our real-time and interactable diagnostics imaging platform

Consolidation of your Clinical Data and Medical History

Consult and receive prescriptions from your Doctor where ever you are in the world

Intuitively and easily book appointments at participating healthcare provider networks

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