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MedZit PES



Selection of the right Patient Engagement System will be the key to your digital front door

The impact of an effective patient engagement on clinical outcomes has become more compelling for organizations to build an effective patient engagement system. It is therefore imperative for a hospital's digital team to decide on a suitable patient engagement system that complies with the HIPAA guidelines. Key functionalities and features that MedZit offers:



Security and Compliance

The adoption of smart digital engagement generates data from multiple touch points. MedZit platforms are fully encrypted with the highest levels of standard encryptions and compliances that capture data and helps in securely archiving patient data without any third party interferences. MedZit PHR adheres to HIPAA regulatory frameworks. Non-compliance can cost an organization extensive damages.

Omni-Channel Communication

Today's digital drive helps healthcare organizations incorporate virtual care within MedZit patient platforms. MedZit incorporates an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Having an omni-channel medium of communicating and collaborating with medical teams can benefit patients immensely. The results are better patient experience, improved medical outcomes, and lasting patient confidence.

Finding a provider & scheduling of Appointments

Healthcare spending across various markets have crossed into the trillions. MedZit's appointment scheduling can effectively assist in controlling appointment no-shows. follow-up for appointments make up a vital component of any patient engagement system. Therefore organizational heads prefer MedZit for its extensive, yet simple to use functions and its easily accessibly user interface.

Patient Data Analysis

MedZit PES consolidates critical patient information and clinical data, which in turn holds meaningful insights along the patient journey. MedZit Specialist Operations Platform (SOP) delivers optimised patient health data analytics for clinicians to develop customized care processes.

Analyzing patients’ data reveals valuable insights about individual needs and enables doctors & care groups to craft bespoke  and effective patient engagement strategies. Subsequently, it becomes a win-win for all stakeholders and results in remarkably well received patient engagement outcomes.

Scalability For Third Party Integrations

MedZit PES is highly interoperable, making it seamless to connect with omni-channel partners.


MedZit's interoperable platform allows select permissions for third-party applications like diagnostics, telehealth devices, laboratory information, and clinical data analytics to integrate with existing systems as the organization achieves scale.

Personal Health Record have become indispensable in healthcare

The instant creation and archival of PHR within MedZit platform is one of the most important feature of a patient engagement system. As hospitals and healthcare organizations scale up, integration with third-party applications becomes essential.


This opens a digital front door.

The key to effective communication between doctors and patients begins with the doctors. Activated patients - patients who possess the ability and know-how to manage their care, often enjoy better medical outcomes.

MedZit Patient Platform assists in connecting with their doctors and care groups which allow them to gain key insights on their treatment plans and take informed decisions. MedZit's PES enables doctors to share relevant information about their patients almost instantly.

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