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MedZit PHP


Data Consolidation - PHP helps maintain patient's health records, safe and up-to-date and if need be share them securely with physicians, clinicians & specialists with in the healthcare ecosystem"

Medzit PHP is embedded with workflow consolidation of all critical data needed to help improve early diagnosis, close lapses in care and accelerate findings and drive research against some of the world’s most complex diseases. With access to the Medzit PHP, Care-providers and clinical experts will be able to more clearly identify patient cohorts and better understand the diagnostic odyssey for rare diseases patients gathering data on how to simplify this journey, identify demographic disparities, and connect patients with appropriate health care providers and clinical specialists.

  • Provide more potential health

  • Operational research transformation

  • Mental health solution


In general, your PHR needs to include anything that helps you and your doctors manage your health — starting with the basics:

  • Your doctor's names and phone numbers

  • Allergies, including drug allergies

  • Your medications, including dosages

  • List and dates of illnesses and surgeries

  • Chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure

  • Living will or advance directives

  • Family history

  • Immunization history

The emergence and future of healthcare consumerism will be built on patient acquisitions, service credibility and loyalty. In order to implement a seamless onboarding program, the key to make a “Digital Front Door” an immediate priority.

MedZit’s instant & innovative patient onboarding mechanism is the first step in your plan to not only enhance the overall patient experience at your healthcare organization, but also to operationalize it.

The result is consumer focus and care centricity.

What information goes into a PHR?

PHR Vs EHR - The Key Differentiator.

An electronic health record (EHR) is a computer record that originates with and is controlled by doctors, whereas a personal health record (PHR) can be generated by physicians, specialists, care teams, patients, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other sources but is controlled and can be securely accessed by the patient.

MedZit’s Universal Personal Health Record PHR

  • Enables an instant reference to all your, or your family’s personal health record to be simply a collection of information about your health.

  • The biggest drawback of paper records: You rarely have them with you when you need them.

  • MedZit’s Universal PHR is fundamental by making your information accessible to you anytime via your personal mobility device.

Benefits of MedZit PHR

Having a PHR can be a lifesaver for practically anyone. In an emergency, patients can quickly give first responders vital information, such as diseases they are being treated for, medications, drug allergies, and contact information of the individual’s doctor.


If a patient consults multiple doctors and hospitals, they don't use the same EHR system, a PHR is a good way and much preferred solution to keeping all of your health information in one place. MedZit PHP incorporates a secure, simple and unique way to access a personal health record


MedZit’s PHR also empowers you to manage your health between visits. For example, a PHR enables you to:

Track and assess your health.

Record and track your progress toward your health goals, such as lowering your cholesterol level.

Make the most of doctor visits.

Be ready with questions for your doctor and information you want to share, such as previous medications, prescriptions, pathology test reports, real time diagnostics data such as X-Ray, CT Studies, MRI Studies, Ultra Sound Studies and reports, and other vital parameters blood pressure readings since your last visit.

Manage your health between visits.

Upload and analyze data from home-monitoring & IoT devices such as active monitoring of vital patient data. And remind yourself of your doctor's instructions from your last appointment.


Get organized.

Track appointments, vaccinations, medications and preventive or screening services, such as mammograms. In fact, studies have shown when parents use personal health records for their children, the children are more likely to get their preventive well-child check-ups on time.

You can also add information about what you're doing to stay healthy and prevent disease, such as:

  • Home blood pressure readings

  • Exercise and dietary habits

  • Health goals, such as stopping smoking or losing weight

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