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MedZit AIoT– Be future ready for Smart Health


MedZit is compatible with dedicated IoT devices to monitor patients round the clock.

MedZit’s IoT devices are designed not only to collect, analyze and report real-time patient data to healthcare professionals, providing them with greater insights into a patient's health condition but also allows the patient to schedule appointments and engage in active teleconsultations, while on the go.


Round the clock patient monitoring of vital signs can help healthcare professionals detect any changes or abnormalities in a patient's condition early. This early detection helps them make informed decisions about the patient's health and provide timely interventions to prevent the development of severe illness.

MedZit’s Wearable smartwatch provide a wealth of information about a patient's vitals, such as heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen saturation, Pulse oximeters, ECG Sensor provides medical teams with comprehensive and accurate data.


The collection of real-time patient data from IoT devices is a great way to enhance patient care in hospital settings, clinics, and at home. Constant and consistent monitoring enable healthcare professionals to detect potential issues before they escalate, giving patients better outcomes and quality of life.

“In summary, the emergence of IoT devices in healthcare, particularly for round the clock patient monitoring of their vitals, has paved the way for more personalized and accurate healthcare. MedZit wearable devices provide real-time data that is crucial to early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. The continuous monitoring helps doctors and caregivers make informed decisions about interventions to prevent severe complications and improve patient care outcomes.”

Health Technologies are evolving and will be more personalized. Smart predictions, prevention, precision and personalization will be the new norm. Data generated at multiple touch points will constantly  be accessed by healthcare consumers, specialists and clinical groups at any desired time and location. This will prove that use of Medzit's core platform can actually with secure, compliant and streamlined processes will enable clinicians have more time to focus on patients. To address this emerging need with instant access to information anytime, anywhere, healthcare consumers and specialists can have insightful interaction which will meet the growing trend across our digital societies.

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